Elements of Set Theory


Page 21, line 20. Change "sonderen" to "sondern."

Page 60, line 9 from below. A period is missing.

Page 67. In the displayed definition of the number 1, replace the first empty-set symbol by 0, so that the equation reads

1 = {0} = {Ø}.

Page 101, line 3. The right side of the equation should be E(m) - E(n) .

Page 109, line 10 from below. Delete the sentence "Since t is a positive rational, e is also a positive integer."

Page 110, line 14. Change "functions" to "function."

Page 111, line 4 from below: "hope to name a real number ..."

Page 116, line 11. Delete "in 0_R."

Page 120, line 2. At the end of the line, "s notin E(s)" should be "r notin E(r)."

Page 121. In line 11, delete all square brackets. In line 14, the second "mp" should be "mq."

Page 127, figure 29. The "abstraction" arrow should be reversed!

Page 141, line 18. It should be added that a and b are different.

Page 143, equation (e2). The exponent on the right side should be lambda, not kappa.

Page 144, line 1. Replace "A" by "T" and "n" by "m."

Page 153, line 4 from below. Delete the spurious period.

Page 159. Between lines 9 and 8 from below insert: "collection of countable (but nonempty) sets. We will construct a function"

Page 160, line 4. Insert a script "P" after the arrow.

Page 162, line 6 from below. Change "is" to "in."

Page 165, line 14. Change the ordering symbol to the symbol for dominance.

Page 178, Exercise 7. Add a part (d): Show that C-bar is the smallest transitive set that includes C. That is, whenever D is a transitive set including C, then C-bar is a subset of D.

Page 181, line 11 from below. Delete the first right parenthesis.

Page 217, line 10. Change "a" to "alpha."

Page 223, line 10 from below. Add a bar over omega^+.

Page 224. It might be added that what is here called Hebrew lexicographic order is also sometimes called "right lexicographic order."

Page 227, line 5 from below. Insert a closing parenthesis just before the period.

Page 233, line 3 from below. Change "(E3)" to "(E2)."

Page 237, line 10 from below. The second beta should be beta^gamma (i.e., beta raised to the gamma power).

Page 242, line 12. Insert "is" after "there."

Page 245, line 11 from below. Insert a closing parenthesis just before the period.

Page 260, lines 16-17. Insert "we" between "and" and "will."

(This list was compiled by Herbert Enderton, the author of Elements of Set Theory. It had been available on his website, but he died in 2010 and the website is no longer available. This version was retrieved from web.archive.org on November 7, 2015. - Ted Sider)